Disruptions ranging from ‘moderate’ to ‘significant’ expected by many security execs in event of ransomware attack Ransomware, a form of malware that cyber criminals use to lock or steal a victim’s data prior to extorting them with a ransom, has become

A major business technology control with massive security implications Active Directory architecture is critical to every Microsoft-based organisation or entity that operates a network of connected infrastructure with multiple staff andsegmented or configured levels of access. As the central set of

Many organisations in Australia and New Zealand are likely to feel the pain of a ransomware attack if it occurred today In its 2022 Annual Cyber Threat Report, the Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre reported having received 447 ransomware

Each year, hundreds of companies fall victim to ransomware Last year, the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team, SingCERT reported that throughout 2022, ransomware groups were "actively targeting high-profile targets, from critical infrastructure to entire government systems, either stealing massive databases

PGG Wrightson’s Information Security Manager, Roger Temple, shares his career transition to information security, how he motivates change, and how he is embracing security as a growth enabler in his organisation PGG Wrightson is a leading provider to the New Zealand

New Zealand thought leader, technology governance, risk and security consultant, Gabriel Akíndèjú, shares his perspectives on the uncertainties around information management and cyber risks Gabriel Akíndèjú is a family man, with wife and kids. As such, personal integrity and being human

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Oleg Zavivaev, IT Operations and Security Manager for fintech solution Laybuy, shares thoughts on the most pressing cybersecurity challenges facing the fintech business, how to tackle third party risks, and how executives and organisations can partner up for success With the

Each year, hundreds of companies fall victim to ransomware Over the past decade we have seen global headlines related to high profile incidents, including the Colonial Pipeline attack of 2021, the global WannaCry, Petya and NotPetya infections of 2016 and