Jo Stewart-Rattray talks about her career in IT and security, her passion for supporting female leaders to advance their careers. She also talks about the importance of learning the business language and not underestimating the board's knowledge of technology.

Rosemary Cooper, Global Information Systems - Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager for Sonic Healthcare chats with us about data governance and data ethics

Faizal Janif, Executive Advisory Board Member for the Australian Information Security, points out risks and implications of tick box exercises for CISOs

Naveed Islam, Chief Information Security Officer at UK-based payments company Dojo, argues that people are the first line of cybersecurity defense

In this week’s episode of the Business of InfoSec podcast, our host Michelle Ribeiro is joined by Graeme Payne, Former SVP & CIO, Equifax, Author, The New Era of Cybersecurity Breaches: A Case Study and Lessons Learned (US)