Silver Chain CSO Jo Stewart-Rattray: How Women Can Advance Their Cyber Career

Jo Stewart-Rattray, CSO for Silver Chain discusses the advancement of women in security and reporting risks to the board

In this week’s episode of the Business of Infosec podcast, host Michelle Ribeiro is joined by Jo Stewart-Rattray, CSO for Silver Chain. Together they walk through Jo’s journey into IT and security and her immense experience supporting female leaders as they advance their careers through hard work, confidence and determination.

In the discussion this week:

  • Ways for women to advance their careers by investing in education, not being afraid of failure, moving on and chasing their dreams
  • How to communicate to the board and describe the importance of cybersecurity investments
  • Ensuring your organisation has strong cyber hygiene practices before going into more elaborate solutions
  • Assessing the size of an organisation’s security investment based on its needs and its level of maturity
  • Speaking the business language in a professional and strategic way. Avoiding acronyms and explaining things in a clear and objective way
  • Determining the board’s knowledge and understanding of technology
  • Approaching technology as an enabler, not the focus