The 2021 Information Security Agenda

Global businesses are facing ever more numerous and complex threats to their cybersecurity. The recent hacking of renowned cybersecurity firm FireEye serves as a stark reminder that information security executives must be more vigilant than ever to protect their companies from threats.

This report highlights how COVID-19 has rapidly shifted priorities for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), requiring them to implement new strategies, technologies, and educational programs in a time of heightened risk.

To face a new and diverse threat landscape, businesses increasingly look to their CISOs for strategic vision, evaluation, and the enhancement of their cybersecurity strategy. At the same time, the CISO is becoming a more important player in the corporate hierarchy.

With expert commentary from eight industry leaders, our research highlights how top executives are addressing the key issues shaping the 2021 information security agenda. 

Inside you will discover:

  • How CISOs are responding to a 63% increase
  • Strategies to safely manage the move to remote working
  • How to create an organization-wide culture of data security
  • Three ways CISOs can create business value in 2021