Western Power Head of Cyber Security Richard Asch shares insights on protecting assets during an energy transition and hiring outside the box Western Power is a state-owned electricity utility operating a grid servicing more than 2.3 million customers across Western Australia.

Minister reveals a standing force of 100 cyber experts The Australian Federal Police and Australian Signals Directorate has initiated a joint operation to investigate and disrupt cyber criminals that target Australian citizens and organisations. In a joint statement released by Home Affairs

Defence Minister reveals a “heightened level of malicious cyber activity” that is impacting too many Australians The Australian Signals Directorate’s Australian Cyber Security Centre has released its latest Annual Cyber Threat report, covering July 2021 to June 2022, featuring a swathe

Australia proposes harsher penalties for data breaches in wake of high-profile incidents The Australian Government is proposing laws to increase penalties for serious data breaches, which could see companies that fail to protect customer data hit with fines of $50

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Trust is Key to The Future of Digital Government Australian Government services, from census collection, licence issuance, healthcare recording, taxation and more are increasingly seeking to transact and interact with citizens digitally. To ensure the success of digital initiatives, service providers

The DevSecOps Shift Has Arrived The way applications are developed, deployed, accessed and used has changed. Infrastructures that were once contained and relatively straightforward to encircle with security measures have become complex and multi-cloud. Applications are now operationalised in tandem with

Australian Retirement Trust CISO Jason Anderson shares insights on protecting Australian retirement funds from information security threats Jason Anderson has been involved in information security for more than 20 years. He’s currently the CISO of Australian Retirement Trust, one of Australia's

Cybersecurity businessman and writer Chris Moschovitis discusses communicating the value of cybersecurity to the board and business functions of an organisation With the increased convergence of data privacy and cybersecurity, information security leaders must establish a pragmatic program alignment for their