Australia proposes harsher penalties for data breaches in wake of high-profile incidents The Australian Government is proposing laws to increase penalties for serious data breaches, which could see companies that fail to protect customer data hit with fines of $50

Security experts from leading organisations in Australia discuss the rise and rise of modern application security The role of security in application deployment is changing. Previously performed towards the end of the development process, today, continuous integration and continuous delivery or

The DevSecOps Shift Has Arrived The way applications are developed, deployed, accessed and used has changed. Infrastructures that were once contained and relatively straightforward to encircle with security measures have become complex and multi-cloud. Applications are now operationalised in tandem with

The Council of Australasian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT)’s Cybersecurity Program Director, Nikki Peever, shares insights on the pressing issues in cybersecurity for higher education in the region Ahead of CISO Brisbane 2022, taking place on the 6th of September

Cyber Security Expert and Cybercrime Writer Mandy Turner discusses her career journey, driving cybersecurity value and collaboration, and protecting businesses from ransomware attacks. The cybercrime world is not for everyone. So what does it take for a cybercrime specialist to win

Members of the APAC cyber security team for one of Australia’s best-known employment marketplaces, SEEK, discuss their career journeys into cyber, the value of diversity and inclusion and their personal achievements Organisations across the globe are adopting diversity and inclusion as

What is 'Left of Boom' Cybersecurity? An increasingly hostile threat landscape demands that organisations balance incident detection and response methods with preventative measures.  The strategy of putting controls in place to mitigate potential threats before systems can be compromised has been

Naveed Islam, Chief Information Security Officer at UK-based payments company Dojo, argues that people are the first line of cybersecurity defense

Australian Cybersecurity Leaders Share Insights and Explore Challenges Related to the Future of Identity Security Identity Risk Intelligence describes the gathering of enough information to create certainty for organisations that the connections on their networks belong to authorised and assigned users. Identity